Industrial Laser Replacement Optics

Our Capabilities

RMI-CO2 possesses best–in-class, end-to-end production capabilities to deliver the longest lasting CO2 replacement lenses tested by our customers. By controlling the entire manufacturing process, each step has been carefully refined to yield incremental gains that when combined, can result in significant difference in durability, longevity and optical performance.


CVD Material Production

RMI is one of the only companies in the world producing high-power, laser grade ZnSe material via the CVD process. We began exploring this technology in 2007 by building a team of expert engineers from the industry leaders and finally in 2011 broke ground on a state of the art facility which houses the latest in CVD equipment for bulk production. After numerous trial runs and R&D, RMI was able to produce what we believe is the lowest absorption material on the market, suitable for efficient transmission of even the highest powered CO2 laser cutting systems.

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At the heart of RMI’s optical fabrication capabilities is a dedicated staff of experienced shaping technicians who have amassed a wealth of knowledge in IR material processing including ZnSe. They utilize an extensive library of dimensional specifications for CO2 laser replacement lenses for all the major OEM manufactures including Trumpf, Mazak, Amada, Mitsubishi, Bystronics, LVD and others to ensure a perfect fit.



Leveraging over 30 years of Infrared polishing know-how, RMI utilizes a proprietary polishing method for our ZnSe lenses which combines the high speed, self centering benefits of CNC machines with the low scatter, super fine surface quality of conventional polishing. The result is a superior finish that assists in the efficient power delivery of the laser beam to the work piece and a longer lasting lens for our customers.    



As one of the original Infrared (IR) optics companies to develop high damage threshold, low absorption anti-reflection (AR) coatings for CO2 lasers, RMI offers just one, highly optimized coating for maximum performance specifications at the best price. We have never understood the industry trend of having multiple “tiers” of coating performance specs and using marketing terms such “Standard” vs. “Ultra-low.” At RMI, when it comes to 10.6 micron AR coatings for your high power CO2 laser cutter, we only have one speed… “All Out!”

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RMI is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that follows a stringent regimen of quality control, documentation and management systems at every step of our process to ensure the consistent delivery of the best products for our customers. We have built a extensive battery of in-house tests on our ZnSe lenses including:

  • Dimensional tolerances
  • Surface figure
  • Surface quality
  • Material stress
  • Coating absorption
  • Coating transmission
  • Coating reflection
  • Laser damage threshold

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