Industrial Laser Replacement Optics

Our Story

Founded in 1957 in beautiful Boulder, CO, Rocky Mountain Instrument Company (RMI) continues a rich tradition of American optical manufacturing companies, specializing in precision fabrication, polishing, thin film coatings, optical design & engineering, opto-mechanical assembly, and most recently, advanced IR materials including Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) using the CVD process.

For over 60 years, we have served a diverse client base of laser OEM’s in the medical, defense, semiconductor, scientific, and industrial markets. Today, we embark on an exciting and new challenge: to serve the specific needs of the industrial laser replacement optics market through our newly formed division, RMI-CO2.

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Our Mission

After countless conversations with job shop owners, metal forming specialists and laser operators, it became clear: users desire a super long-lasting, high performance CO2 replacement lens made from the highest quality materials and coated with the lowest absorption, anti-reflection coatings, all at the best possible price.

Beyond this, we strive to provide friendly, responsive customer service and stock plenty of inventory in popular OEM sizes, offering our customers a true alternative to the status quo.

As the new kid on the block, RMI-CO2 recognized we had to bring our “A” game to compete and accomplish this lofty goal. So how did we do this?

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For starters we brought the most critical aspect of the production process in-house, CVD manufacturing of Zinc Selenide substrate material. Building upon the proven equipment and processes utilized by the industry leader, RMI’s material has been qualified by multiple third party sources as “high power laser grade.” 

Next, we refined the polishing and thin-film deposition process to create the best possible, lowest scattering surfaces and lowest absorption coatings on the market.     

Together, these improvements have resulted in the longest lasting CO2 laser lenses tested by multiple RMI customers, in some cases by as much as 50-100%.

Vertical-integration of the entire process ensures maximum efficiencies and cost savings that can be passed on directly to our customers.

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